Level Two

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E-design package thumbnail2.jpg

Level Two

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Inspiration Options

Choose your 2 favorites from the 4 decor options I'll offer you based on your answers from my E-Design Style Guide. This will inspire your personal and unique design!

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Inspiration Board

Take a sneak peak at all of your furniture and decor selected for just for you, inspired by 1 of your favorite decor options

Waltzman, David and Dana- Nursery. Floor Plan.jpg

3D Floor Plan

View your furniture layout to scale, true to size, according to your room dimensions

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Wall Collage

A colorful visualization of the feature wall in your nursery

Waltzman, David and Dana- Nursery Shopping List.jpg

Shopping Guide

A detailed and easy to use form to purchase your new room.  Pricing and retailer information is shared, but all you need to do is click on the link to purchase each item online.  Some items you can find at your local retailer, as well.

Waltzman, David and Dana- Nursery. Elevation- Wall 4.jpg

Wall Elevations

2D drawings of each wall in your room, to scale.  Guide lines help you to hang your decor and window treatments on the wall.  Accessories and artwork are numbered to coordinate with your personalized Shopping Guide. 

Waltzman, David and Dana- Nursery. Perspective Color- Wall 3,4- square.jpg

3D Room Perspectives

Take a full look around your new nursery! You can see a view of each corner of your room for a complete and colorful, walk-through experience.  These are also rendered in scale for a true sense of your space. 

I'm sure you're life is just as busy as mine, which makes e-design a great option for both of us.  This service allows me to virtually come into your home, and custom design the perfect room for you.  Just email me your Style Guide whenever you have a few minutes to hop on your iPad, and I will email you back when there's not a baby attached to my hip, Lol.  My clients are given full-service interior design with the convenience of being online.  

Please allow 2-3 weeks from start to finish, depending on your e-design package selection.  (Hint: If you have a baby shower coming up, try to allow enough time so you can add these items to your registry)

My design process starts with a thorough Style Guide where you can share all of your design preferences and challenges with me. Then I can create the right design for your wants and needs. I believe that a successful design must be functional, stylish, and feel uniquely yours.  Let's get started!