Black & White with Hearts Nursery

High Contrast and Gold Theme

Show love for your baby every day, not just on Valentine’s Day! This modern and glam nursery will have you seeing black and white. High contrast colors are easy for your baby to see from the start, but this hazy lavender softens this whole design. Pops of gold add some sparkle for your baby to notice as she grows up. If you like a drama, this nursery is definitely for you! (Read more HERE


A New Year’s Eve & Opalescent Nursery

Pastel and Metallics Theme


A Colorful & Gender Neutral Nursery

Colors and Shapes Theme

My husband and I did not know the gender of our baby until 3 weeks before our baby surprised us as an early bird. I wanted a design that was gender neutral, but not neutral. I definitely wanted the nursery to be colorful, and suitable for a baby girl or baby boy. My plan was to accent certain colors with accessories once we learned the gender. I just wanted the style to be colorful with a mix of patterns. I think I accomplished that very well, If I can say so myself!


A Fun & Colorful Nursery for a Baby Boy

Animal Theme

Dana and David moved into their new custom-built home when she was in her first trimester of pregnancy. They are both busy professionals, and weren't sure how to pull a nursery altogether.  With my E-Design Style Guide I discovered they were looking for a fun space for their new baby to enjoy.  Dana wasn't sure of her design style, but knew she would like it to be colorful, and feel warm and cozy.  These parents-to-be already have a dog, so a fun animal theme was the obvious choice for them to make.  I included several items from their baby registry, and I selected the rest based on their Style Guide answers.  


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