10 in 10: The Results of "My 10 Blog Posts in 10 Days Challenge"

10 in 10: The Results of "My 10 Blog Posts in 10 Days Challenge"

I am so proud of myself for following through with my 10 day challenge.  I am also so glad it's over!!

I challenged myself to write 10 blog posts in 10 days once before.  I first did this several years ago when my previous blog was just beginning.  I have to admit I took the easy road that time.  I found interesting images on Pinterest and analyzed them to teach you how to design a successful room.  But not this time! I wrote my own posts and shared a few ideas from other bloggers.  But what was the real difference between this time and last time?  I'm a new momma.

Finding the time and energy to write 10 posts in 10 days wore me out.  My husband really helped me manage in the evenings when he came home from work, and especially on the weekend. He already helps with Baby S like a champ, but he really stepped up to the plate.  Thank you, Hubby!

So, here are my results:


Twitter: start 116 followers, end 134 followers - *GOLD STAR*

My best results were achieved on Twitter.  I guess I'm not surprised that my numbers grew the most on this platform.  Between the three, I spend most of my time there.  As you know, you get out what you put into it- and that's exactly what happened.  I'm overjoyed with exceeding my goal and gaining 18 followers.  It means even more to me because I do not know any of these followers in my personal life.  They are organic followers, and I did not pay for advertising.  A special thanks to my new Twitter followers, and I hope you enjoy what I have to share!


Facebook: start 89 Likes, end 93 Likes

I gained several more followers on Facebook from my friends and family.  I sent them invites to like my page, and they were kind enough to do so.  Thank you!  I also thought my friends would share some of my posts on their timelines to help me spread the word, but that wasn't the case.  Looking back at it, it was lazy of me to expect others to do my networking.  Moving forward, I will split my time socializing with followers on both Facebook and Twitter.


Pinterest: start 237 followers, end 237 followers

I am most surprised at my results on Pinterest.  I pinned all of my posts during the challenge with hashtags.  One post got repined, Yay.  But the odd thing is I usually gain a follower every few days, and I only evened out by the end of my challenge.  A few days ago, I did some research and changed the names of my boards to be more SEO friendly and I'm already seeing results.  


I reached my goal on Twitter, and I need to improve my strategy on Facebook and Twitter.  This was a great learning exercise for me, and now I'm motivated to be a better blogger with my audiences.  

Thanks again to all of my followers!!

I included my full list of posts from my 10 in 10 challenge below- just in case you missed a day!