Baby Gender Reveal for Baby2

I can't believe that I am....



 I started this post on March 18th thinking I still had one month until Baby2 was due to arrive.                  BTW, now Baby2 is 3 weeks old!


"Yes, I'm pregnant! I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl?"  Sound familiar? Not too long ago every birth was a  so-called "gender reveal," but now it's possible for parents-to-be to find out their baby's gender during the first trimester.  Crazy!

With my first successful pregnancy, my husband and I came to the compromise of learning the baby's gender in the third trimester.  I definitely wanted to have a gender reveal party.  Pinterest had me aching for a big reveal for all our family to share in.  My husband just wanted to wait until D-day, but he really enjoyed himself at the gender reveal party.  Take a peak HERE!

We thought we were having a girl.  We referred to Baby Henkin as "The Ruby" because our due date was in July.  Somehow, we kept using the feminine pronoun when we talked about The Ruby, even though we tried not to.  My sister-in-law coordinated the big balloon pop for the reveal.  When baby blue confetti poured out, I skipped a breath because I thought there was a mistake.  "Shouldn't that be pink?!"  But the biggest surprise, was that our baby boy decided to surprise us with his arrival just about 3 weeks later, arriving 7 weeks early.

This time we had the same predicament.  My hubby wanted to wait, and I wanted to know a few months ahead of time so I could nest a bit.  We travelled so much for family events in the past year, so I was not expecting a big party back home.  

My birthday was in January.  My hubby handed me a birthday card with an additional envelope.  It was the top secret envelope with the ultrasound picture revealing our baby's gender. "You want to open it right now?!"  I was completely caught off guard, but there was no way I was going to refuse it.  What an amazing birthday present :D  

Ooh, can I plan my own gender reveal party? (Being the control freak I am, this sounded perfect).  I tried to coordinate a little get-together, but timing just didn't work out.  So, I decided to have a photography gender reveal.  After researching ideas on Pinterest for too many hours, I finally figured out my photo sequence.  I drew thumbnail sketches of each photo, and my new mommy-friend met us on a windy Saturday morning to take pictures of us.

Without further ado...

Baby Gender Reveal
Baby Gender Reveal
Baby Gender Reveal

Baby2 is a B-O-Y!!  We referred to him as our Diamond because his due date was in April.  We just knew that Baby S will have so much fun with a little brother.  I'm sure they'll bring us lots of joy, and probably a bit of mischief, but we'll love them to pieces!!  I'm affirmatively a "Boy Mom" <3 <3

PS- With our fingers starting to freeze in the 40 degree weather, with my friend's baby battling a cold, and Baby S escaping towards the parking lot, we managed to only lose one balloon to the strong winds.  Just a quick trip to the party store for a replacement "R" balloon, and we were good to go!