Dinosaurs & Energizing Colors

So, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? grasshoppers chirping… Exactly- Everyone loves dinosaurs! It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, male or female. There is just something (pre-) historically magical about dinosaurs. I recently went to the Museum of Natural History is New York, and toured the dinosaur exhibits with my cousin and my little Baby ID. He was asleep for most of it, but I know he was still absorbing it - Haha.

Dinosaurs & Energizing Colors- Nursery

I think these pre- historic creatures are STILL a great theme for your baby’s nursery or child’s room. I went on a hunt to find some happy dinosaurs. Ones that were playful, but not too baby-ish. I found this colorful a set of dinosaur posters by ArtPrintsFactory on Etsy. The jungle green stegosaurus made me smile right away! Plus, the lemon and lime, citrus colors are so revitalizing and fresh. This should start your baby’s day in a good way!

The colorful dinosaur prints provided me with my color scheme. If you look at the color wheel, you will see these colors are adjacent to each other: jungle green to yellow-green to yellow to orange. This is called an analogous color scheme. For this reason, these colors are harmonious, but by no means calm. The bright and clear hues of each color is so pure and full of vibrancy.

Dinosaurs & Energizing Colors- Nursery

This tribal print on the crib sheet and changing pad cover picks up on the yellow-green, bubble gum popping dinosaur, and repeats the pattern across the room. I wanted to look for a medium to large scale pattern for a crib blanket to stand out from the small scale pattern of the crib sheet. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for, but the bold black and white stripe blanket did the trick! I love the plank details on this white crib. I was planning to select a white changing table to coordinate with it, and keep it simple with all of these bright colors, but after selecting my floor lamp, I decided to choose a natural wood finish. It’s easy to get wrapped up in painted finishes when creating a contemporary design, but I think it adds authenticity to a room when you include some natural finishes, as well.

Have you noticed that zesty orange rug, smack in the middle of my board! Well, I’m sure you’ve heard designers on HGTV say how they like to push their client out of their comfort zones a bit? Well, this time I’m pushing MYSELF out of my comfort zone. Lol. It’s a super bold color choice, but it will create so much warmth in this room- even on those chilly nights when you’re up all night with your crying baby… I also tied the rug in with my drapery selection. The repetition of triangles down on the floor and up on the windows will look cohesive.

Dinosaurs & Energizing Colors- Nursery

Did you just feel a spark of energy run through your body? We can’t ignore the juicy orange rug, but notice how the cool cucumber walls keep this room from feeling overly bright. (Okay, now I just want a fruit smoothie from Jamba Juice!)

Earlier I mentioned how the floor lamp influenced the natural finish of the changing table, but what I love most about this floor lamp is the woven texture of the lamp shade. Isn’t that so unique? The natural finish of the legs also inspired me to use natural wood frames for the artwork above the crib. That is now 3 different areas of the room with a natural wood finish, which is great.

I knew finding a piece in jungle green was going to be difficult, so I’m very happy I found this great accent chair on Amazon. It really comes to life with the orange toss pillow. I wanted to be careful not to get too gimmicky with the dinosaur theme, but I think this pillow with silhouettes works perfectly. Dinosaurs lived in the time of very active volcanoes, but volcanoes are surprisingly hard to find for nursery decor… I found this modern black and white crib mobile and pillow by TheUrbanHedgehog. They are technically mountains, but close enough!

This nursery is DINO-MITE!!

Price: < $1,000.00

Sources: Etsy, Amazon