One Room Challenge, Week 3- The Wall Collage & Ceiling Paint

Spring Flowers & Bright Whites- A Laundry Room Refresh

Oy Vey! It’s Week 3 of the #oneroomchallenge, and I’m writing this blog post at 1:03am…

I may be the only one left awake in the house, but I’m still excited to share my progress!

Let me explain a bit…Remember last week I mentioned I had a BIG surprise? Well, it’s really more of a surprise twist- dun Dun DUNNN. I’m now in sunny California! I will be project managing long distance with my trusted contractor (aka My Incredible Hubby) for the next two weeks. Yes, I did realize this when I started this 6 week challenge, but I didn’t want to let this little hiccup to keep me from joining and postpone my laundry room makeover even longer. Three year is enough! Plus, it actually works to my benefit, and you’ll see why in just a moment.

One Room Challenge, Week 3- The Wall Collage & Ceiling Paint

My family and I flew down to the Bay Area for a wedding this past weekend. Then we flew down to LAX, and got settled in our hotel room by midnight-ish. My husband only got 4 hours of sleep before he woke up for his early flight back to Portland, before going into the office for a full day’s work. My “contractor” is so dedicated, that he managed to clear out the whole laundry room that same night. (I knew there was another reason why I married this guy!)

One Room Challenge, Week 3- The Wall Collage & Ceiling Paint

Just to remind you, this is how my laundry room looked just 24 hours ago. CHAOS. He removed everything except the washer and dryer units, and the metal shelves hanging above. It practically looks like it did when we moved in almost 3 years ago. The coat racks and baker’s rack will return to the room, but I’m saying goodbye to the shoe cupboard. I am 95% sure that our additional shoe storage can be relocated to my hallway closet…

One Room Challenge, Week 3- The Wall Collage & Ceiling Paint

Not only did he clear the room out, he even applied a first coat of white paint to the ceiling! (Yes, I know he’s amazing, and I love him.) He painted the top of our walls white as well, to continue the look of the implied white moulding that we’ve done throughout the rest of our home. Technically, it makes painting the ceiling a big easier, because he doesn’t have to worry about messy paint lines from the wall to ceiling.

So I mentioned my being out of town with my babies is actually to my benefit. There is no way all of this work would get done in just one evening if we were all at home! I’m staying at my mom’s for the next 2 weeks to visit with family before we celebrate Baby ID’s 1st birthday with all of our family. My “contractor” will have the time to paint the whole room, and lay down the peel-and-stick floor tiles. Well, at least, that’s the plan...

One Room Challenge, Week 3- The Wall Collage & Ceiling Paint

It’s hard to picture, but this is what my laundry room refresh will look like soon enough. My floral curtains are the beautiful focal point when you walk in. Even on our rainy Portland days, my laundry room will feel cheery and bright. The white appliances will look crisp on the grey walls, and my new floor will shine like a clean load of bright whites * Cling… * I also think that the new white floor is going to make a huge difference in my small laundry room. The peel-and-stick tiles are 12x12, and have a subtle texture to them. Geez, I better order these tomorrow. Time is passing faster than I think. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime shipping!

It’s getting late, so I better be getting to bed. I’m sure it will take me a few minutes to wind down from all of this excitement- YAYYY.

One Room Challenge, Week 3- The Wall Collage & Ceiling Paint

Oh, and this is what my son’s nursery currently looks like- AAHHHH. My hubby unloaded all but the baker’s rack in here. See that shelf above the crib? That’s the laundry room door! Lol. He decided to take it off to increase his accessibility to the walls while painting. What a smart guy!

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