One Room Challenge, Week 4- Wall Paint & Ceiling Fixture

Let’s jump right into Week 4 of the One Room Challenge!

We are a bit behind, but not a lot- JUST A BIT. My hubby came down to celebrate Passover with our families over the weekend, and it was so wonderful to see him. But I think he was as eager as me to get back to work when he returned!

One Room Challenge, Week 4- Wall Paint & Ceiling Fixture

Just look at this beauty…. Lol. Who doesn’t love a good boob light? Ech!! I’ve been clearing our home of these awful light fixtures one at a time. When we moved in there was 1 in the dining room, 1 in the hallway, and 1 in the laundry room. This fixture is so dated with the ribbed glass.

One Room Challenge, Week 4- Wall Paint & Ceiling Fixture

Sooo much better. I have used this same modern surface-mount fixture in my hallway as well as my kitchen. The chrome fittings will tie into the light grey walls.

One Room Challenge, Week 4- Wall Paint and Ceiling Fixture

Now, if you remember from my Week 3 post, he painted the ceiling and the top12” or so of the walls white. This week, my hubby taped out a line on the walls that is 7” below the ceiling. Why, you ask? Well, my the soffit in my kitchen is 7” deep. I used that drop as a guide line to create an implied crown moulding throughout our whole home. Not only is it completely cost effective, you don’t have to worry about painting a straight paint line where the wall meets the ceiling if you don’t have crown moulding. I love the fat white “moulding,” it gives a nice modern twist.

20190404 floral laundry room-week 4- wall paint- light.jpg

YASSSS. I could’t help but smile when my “contractor” texted me this photo last night. .. cool grey just freshens up the whole room. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do! I didn’t have a swatch of my curtain fabric to color match with, but I think it’s going to work out well. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself- Lol) Actually, I was also trying to be resourceful and use the remainder of the grey paint from our guest/ children’s bathroom. It was enough to get one coat on the wall, so my husband still made a late-night run to Home Depot for more. (Raise your hand if you’ve been there!)

I had planned for the peel and stick flooring to be installed, but I forgot to actually ORDER THE DARN TILE. Oy vey…So, we are slightly off schedule. The good news is that it arrived the next day, thanks to Amazon Prime Shipping. My hubby just surprised me with a sneak-peak, and I can’t get over it! He laid tiles on the floor and texted me a pic. How am I supposed to fall asleep now?!

What’s in store for next week? Well, i’m in Super Mom Mode planning my baby’s first birthday party with our family this weekend. (Check out my InstaStories for behind-the-scene pics!) We all fly back to Portland on Monday. Then we’ll install the floor, figure a way to shimmy around the washer and dryer, and I will make the floral curtains. My kiddos better cooperate at nap time!

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Oh, and In case you were too busy taking care of you’re little ones…

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