One Room Challenge, Week 5- The Flooring & Ordering

Week 5- AHHHH! Wait, is that how I started Week 4? Lol. This week really snuck up on me. I was so wrapped up in the final planning and execution of my baby’s first birthday party last week. (BTW- our Lumberjack Party was a total hit!) We flew back home on Monday night.

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Let’s talk curtains first: My original plan was to order the curtain fabric online and have it sent to SoCal so my mom could hem it while I was staying with her for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I waited too long (a.k.a. too busy with my boys!) and it would have cost too much for the double-rush shipping. I still had to pay rush shipping to guarantee it’s arrival to my home, here in Oregon, by May 2nd. And ta-dah- It arrived today, one day early.

One Room Challenge, Week 5- The Flooring and Ordering

Now, let’s talk flooring: My contractor (my hubby) called me when I was in SoCal with concerns about the peel and stick tiles. He tried laying out several pieces for over an hour, and then tore them up. My hubby was not convinced they were adhering strong enough to the floors, and felt that would peel up in the corners with every day use. Arggggg…. We saw his cousin at the birthday party, who is a general contractor. He suggested we try applying a stronger adhesive to the tiles to ensure they stick well, and don’t peel off. My hubby and I both thought that was a good idea, and we will attempt it this weekend, most likely. Wish us luck!

After we discussed the floor tile situation, he asked me about the curtain installation. And I said, “There’s no complicated installation, because I’m using a tension rod. It will be so easy to install, just like a shower rod.” He said that sounded good, but where is the rod? OMG- I’m such a loon! It’s been so long since I’ve had to order actual products for a project, since I do e-design for clients, that I totally forgot that I ACTUALLY NEED TO ORDER PRODUCT. So, that’s exactly what I did!

I hopped onto and ordered the tension rod, the rings, the laundry baskets, and soap dispensers. Good thing I took the time to double check dimensions, because I originally added 1”diameter rings to my cart, but I really need 2” diameter rings. I also researched the soap dispensers, and found a set of plastic bottles in a similar finish to the glass bottles I originally selected. I thought it would be safer with babies in the house, even though they will be stored up high,

One Room Challenge, Week 5- The Flooring and Ordering

As I was unpacking my clothes, I came across this gold frame hiding in my closet. I used it temporarily for my ketubah display the day of my wedding. Later I had it reframed, and haven’t found a use for this frame since then. This would be perfect for my inspiration artwork, “So fresh & so clean.” It happens to be just large enough to cover the electrical panel- YAY.

One Room Challenge, Week 5- The Flooring and Ordering

My other artwork are my two frames with my babies’ hand prints and foot prints. I just need to choose a baby picture to print out for each of them, and add it to the frames. Toddler S’s frame has been hanging in his nursery, but I know I’ll really enjoy seeing these baby momentos when I’m sorting the laundry!

One Room Challenge, Week 5- The Flooring and Ordering

Lastly, my hubby and I are in disagreement about the location of the dust buster. (Wait, do people still call it that?….) He did move it from it’s previous location on the feature wall, between the washer and dryer, which is great. I thought I was more specific of where I wanted to place the hand-held vacuum, but he installed it right in the corner. Is it better than where it used to be? YES. Is it where I want it to be? NO. I’d like to shift it lower, drape the cord alongside the washing machine, and install it around hip level, where the shoe cabinet used to be. We are trying to hear each other out, so you’ll just have to wait for the reveal to see where the dust buster ends up- Haha.

It’s going to be a busy week, that’s for sure! I also need to make the curtains. I think we might need a babysitter for the boys for a few hours this weekend, if I’m going to get anything done. And I have to get A LOT done. I also have a baby shower to attend for my friend this weekend. It’s a “Sprinkle de Mayo” on 5 de Mayo. The timing isn’t great for the ORC, but I’m so excited to celebrate her 2nd pregnancy, I wouldn’t miss it!

See you for the BIG REVEAL next week!!

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